Smart Hotel

With digitization and networking, transforming traditional hotels into more convenient, safer and smarter ones and improved operational efficiency, reduced payroll cost.

Our Value

The Haier Hainayun Platform converges value for enterprises and users, improving energy conservation and efficiency in enterprises, creating a more secure, convenient, comfortable experience for users


Smart Guest Experience

Unique guest experience, smart check-in, service and check-out


Improved Quality

Improved service level and brand image


Cost Saving

Reduced energy consumption and maintenance cost, light-weight mobile applications for better efficiency

How we deliver

In building smart hotel, we rely on our products portfolio, Hainayun platform and partners in the ecosystem


Fully intelligent infrastructure to meet the demand of security, energy conservation and maintenance etc


video surveillance, entryway & exit control, etc


wireless network coverage, etc

Energy conservation

building automation, smart lighting, etc

Smart IoT

smart guest management and opeation


Interconnected Devices for IoT Network, date security, error-free transmission

Wire transmission

RS232 CAN RS485...

Wireless short-range transmission

RFID NFC Bluetooth ZigBee

Wireless long-range transmission

LoRa WiFi 2G/3G/4G


Manage all smart equipment on a single platform, centralized monitoring, maintenance and control of equipment


smart security platform


smart IoT management platform

Energy conservation

smart energy monitoring platform


facility management platform


Smart digital information service including reservation, registration, check-in, room service and check-out

Park management & coordination platform

information sharing, holistic management…

Guest service

smart check-in, control and check-out…

Park service

smart parking, property services…

Business service

ads push, wemedia marketing…

Multiple Scenarios

Hainayun utilizes IoT, 5G, cloud computing, AI and mobile networking to empower every scenario and industry. The Hainayun platform makes fast-connection possible regardless of industrial and protocol differences, removing industrial barriers and building a comprehensive smart IoT ecosystem for communities/parks

Smart Security

With AI to re-define security, create the best experience of the security system. Quality makes future.

Smart Lighting

Use big data to give solutions about road lighting, flood lighting, community lighting, underground garage lighting.

Smart Fire Protection

Smart Fire Protection. Advance prevention, 2-second quick response, ensures fire safety.

Smart Service

Hainayun integrates smart communities/park solutions into APPs. Digitized operation of property management.



Haier NARADA Resort & Spa

Qingdao Haier NARADA Resort & Spa features a tourism resort, health regimen and eco-recreation. Phase I covers an area of 92769 square meters, of which NARADA Resort & Spa accounts for 12185 square meters. NARADA Resort & Spa Zone One covers 9572 square meters and Zone Two 12628 square meters, presenting itself as the model project in the Laoshan Bay International Ecological Health City.

Guest Satisfaction
Energy Consumption
Smart Security
24/7 all-area security protection
Smart Elevator
Ensure safety with intelligence
Smart Datacenter
Achieve the internet of everything, and pave the way for a more secure, stable, efficient and energy-saving IoT platform
Smart Service
Build interactive platforms for IoT smart communities/parks

Jimo Spa Hotel

Haier spa hotel is the first natural ocean hot spring operated in China by Japan's gokurakuin co., LTD. It is dedicated to creating a new landmark of one-stop high-end vacation, fashion, leisure and health, featuring hot spring leisure, health and fitness, featured catering and themed guest rooms