Smart Datacenter

Smart Datacenter provides support for IoT, big data technologies and Hainayun IoT+IOC platform data uploading, storage and processing. Smart Datacenter envisions the internet of everything and paves the way for secure, stable, efficient and energy-saving IoT platforms.

Customer Value

Hainayun Smart Datacenter solutions cope with issues like time-consuming construction process, high energy consumption/PUE, lack of reliability, and maintenance difficulties of the traditional machine room. Smart Integrated Datacenter boasts of such features as quick deployment, flexible expansion, energy-saving and environmental protection, unattended operation and worry-free safety.

Secure and Advanced Datacenter

Straightforward and efficient construction of smart integrated datacenter, saving time and energy

Reduced Bug Rate and Labor Costs

A modular subsystem, centralized management platform, high independence models, bug rate down by 80%, labor costs down by 70%

Improved Service Efficiency

Smart real-time data consolidation and status monitoring, improved service efficiency

Smart Scenario

Smart ELV System
Achieve the internet of everything, and pave the way for a more
secure, stable, efficient and energy-saving IoT platform
Customer-oriented solutions with iteration capability
Smart Datacenter

Core IDM management, interconnection for all managed communities/parks/enterprises

IT Equipment Asset Management

Centralized + distributed RFID asset management system, 3D visual IT asset management

Smart Combined Wiring System

Integrated wiring for datacenter, real-time monitoring of end equipment

Operation & Maintenance Management System

Supervision and technical parameter record of all equipment on the IoT platform, build a datacenter IoT management platform



Haier Cloud Park

Cloud Park adopts the traditional wiring system, which is chaotic, insecure for data storage, and relies heavily on air conditioners to control the temperature and many onsite staff members, leaving room for optimization. By utilizing integrated models, the datacenters at the Cloud Park are transformed into modular machine rooms and contribute to the construction of a Cloud Park IT data IoT platform.


Higher Show Mall

Independent IP rights, petabyte-scale data processing capacity and sub-millisecond level latency data coordination. Overall management of people, events and good in the commercial complex is realized in a visible, manageable, controllable manner. Real-time equipment status monitoring is enabled and malfunction reminders will be displayed on the dashboard.