Smart Environmental Purification

Focus on smart purification in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, medical equipment, laboratory and farming industries. Rely on industrial system integration, production environment management and security system to provide package solutions from plan design, integration, construction and product research and development. Facilitate healthy and safe production.

Customer Value

Hainayun Smart Environmental Purification solutions are designed to address the problems such as low-level air purification, large-scale investment, sophisticated system integration and low-level construction quality in the purification of production environments such as food, pharmaceutical, electronics, medical equipment, laboratory and farming industries. One-stop integrated purification solutions feature an easy-to-use, convenient, and modular design, ensuring high-quality manufacturing in smart factories with high efficiency, low cost and defect rate.

Smart Integrated System for Better Energy Conservation

Advanced production environment management system, optimized operation, improved efficiency, safety and energy conservation

Reduced Construction Costs for Higher Efficiency

Seamless integration of management system platform and modular products, optimized process chain, increased construction speed

Real-time Monitoring for Higher Standards

Industrial purification system products coupled with data platform analysis, controlled and optimized process, smart environmental purification

Smart Scenario

Smart Environmental Purification
Smart production environment, standardized management,
the leader in smart production environment purification
Customer-oriented solutions with iteration capability
Pharmaceutical/Medical/Lab Industries

Modular & integrated products to meet demands for different production processes, reduce investment & operating costs, energy saving by 35%, first-rate production environment for every scenario

Electronic Industry

Modular & integrated purification products, optimized pipeline & auxiliary equipment construction, reduced production cost, first-rate production environment for every scenario

Food Industry

Modular & integrated purification products for low-temperature food production, standardize the production environment for food processing workshop, ensure aerobic bacterial count & food safety



Qingdao GuoHai Biological Pharmaceutical Workshop Purification Project

The project consists of three phases: Phase I Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals Production Workshop, Phase II Synthetic Hormone Workshop and Phase III Q&A Building. The project covers an area of 9000 square meters, of which 7000 square meters are dedicated to clean areas. Modular and integrated equipment are used to reduce installation time and difficulty. All workshops are operated automatically in a smart environment and real-time monitoring and management data are uploaded to the central server. All workshops passed national GMP certification at once and were awarded GMP certificates.

Automatic Operation & Management
Heating/Cooling Source Unit Installation
Operation Power Consumption
Smart Environmental Purification
The leader in smart production environment purification