Smart Service

Hainayun focuses on the needs of customers and provides comprehensive solutions to smart communities/parks with the support of IoT centers and IOC operations. APPs such as HaiGuest, HaiButler, HaiWise improve the user’s experience of smart life by offering property management services, IoT service, social networking and other services. Hainayun aims to be the leader of the “IoT+Community” one-stop smart service platform.

Customer Value

Hainayun Smart Service provides solutions to issues in homeowner's daily life, property management and smart park operation. Hainayun integrates smart communities/park solutions into APPs, marking life easy, convenient and comfortable for homeowners. Digitized operation of property management reduces labor costs and increases satisfaction rate. Smart solutions help industrial parks and enterprises achieve innovative development.

Safe, Convenient, Comfortable, Green

Enjoy smart community life on mobile phones, any time, anywhere

Reducing Cost, Improving Efficiency

Digitized operation management empowers property management and improves satisfaction rate

Build Smart Cities

Transform city management with digitization and intelligence

Smart Scenario

Smart Service
Build interactive platforms for
IoT smart communities/parks
Customer-oriented solutions with iteration capability
Smart Community Property Management Service

Focus on the needs of homeowners, combine “basic service+in home, smart home, value home services” and “value-added community services" to make life more convenient, colorful, and comfortable for homeowners

Smart Park Operation Service

Focus on the customers, enterprises, and park management, provide comprehensive and interactive smart park services such as settlement, investment attraction, office, conference and parking

IoT Service

Motion tracking, smart eye, one-touch lever lock and property BIM etc

Property Operation

Smart property operation solutions ensure an efficient, digitized and mobilized management system. The solution also increases efficiency, saves labor costs and improves satisfaction



Haier Estate – Smart Service

As of 30th October, Hainayun has provided smart community services to 53426 households and 240000 users in 69 communities. The online reporting & real-time communication has significantly increased the ticket closure rate from 50% to 98%.

Ticket Closure Rate
Smart Parking Garage
A smart, comfortable, green and safe underground space
Smart Datacenter
Achieve the internet of everything, and pave the way for a more secure, stable, efficient and energy-saving IoT platform
Smart Service
Build interactive platforms for IoT smart communities/parks
Smart Lighting
Technology first, Achieve the internet of everything
Smart Travel
One-stop smart travel solutions