Stratigic Positioning

China's Leading IoT Digital City Eco-platform

Hainayun, China's Leading IoT Digital City Eco-platform of Haier Group, specializes in creating smart communities and smart parks which are essential for the building of smart cities. In promoting the construction of a Digital China, Hainayun aims to become China's Leading IoT Digital City Eco-platform and set standards for the industry.


Our Competitive Edge

Empowered by 5G+AI and big data technologies, Hainayun provides customized "IoT Platform + IOC Smart Operation Center + N scenarios" solutions that suit every industry and scenario. The solutions will create new and constantly iterated customer contact experiences in the digital era, facilitating the converged development of production, social life and ecosystem. With science and technology, Hainayun drives forward the development of all industries and constructs digital cities and societies.

4 Core Competencies

Advanced AIoT and IOC platforms with independent IP
Ground-breaking combination of BIM+AIOT
Unlimited smart scenarioss
First-rate incubator for scientific research

Global Presence

An "Unseen Champion" in AIoT

Hainayun digital solutions evolve and iterate at the fastest pace, underscoring the value of a "boundaryless ecosystem"

A Constructive Chain Group, An Evolving Ecosystem

Stakeholders of Hainayun platforms join hands in creating an eco-chain group with the characteristic of an iterated customer experience, constructing a resource-sharing/creating platform system and attracting stakeholders of top-level domestic IoT technology service providers and scientific and innovation labs. In the spirit of win-win cooperation, Hainayun aims to create a vibrant ecosystem of IoT smart scenarioss