Smart Fire Protection

Benefitting from IoT, big data and the efficient data uploading, storage and processing capabilities of the Hainayun IoT+IoC platform, Hainayun offers 24/7 smart monitoring and malfunction alerts of fire protection equipment, emergency coordination and 2-second fire fighting system.

Customer Value

Hainayun Smart Fire Protection solutions focus on solving issues such as underdeveloped fire protection infrastructure, blinded monitoring, weak active prevention, late fire alarm response, and uncoordinated firefighting. Hainayun utilizes IoT, big data and AI to provide 24/7 smart monitoring and malfunction alerts of fire protection equipment, one-touch emergency coordination and 2-second firefighting system, increasing fire protection response & handling speed and enhancing the development of smart fire protection industry in China.

Enhance Fire Protection System Efficiency

Real-time monitoring fire protection equipment, facility and personnel, ensure efficient operation of the fire protection system

Reduce Fire Protection Management Cost

Remote surveillance of equipment, auto-inspection capability, reduce the management cost of fire protection personnel by 30%-50%

Improve Fire Protection Management Level

Big data analysis to reduce fire hazards, pinpoint high-risk locations, improve fire safety management level

Smart Scenario

Smart Fire Protection
Advance prevention,
2-second quick response, ensure fire safety
Customer-oriented solutions with iteration capability
Instant Fire Alarm

2-second alert in the cloud, 5-second video confirmation, 10-second dial-in emergency number 119

Ticket Management

Onsite malfunction alert, maintenance ticket push to APP in 30 seconds

Watchmen Management

Random check on watchmen, off-post alert on absentees

Fire Protection Big Data Analysis

Display fire protection big data analysis in charts or tables



Haier Cloud Park Smart Fire Protection

Difficulties such as crowded buildings and poor fire protection management are tackled through remote alarm confirmation, 24 hour monitoring and auto-inspection of the fire protection mainframe, water pressure in the fire protection pipelines, the water level in the fire protection reservoirs and the electrical fire equipment. Data are transmitted through IoT, converging in the cloud and analyzed via AI. Smart Fire Protection also enables comprehensive management of fire equipment and personnel and improves fire safety management level.


Haier House Rose Garden Community Smart Fire Protection

24-hour smart monitoring and management are enabled regarding the fire protection mainframe, the water pressure in fire protection pipelines, the water level in fire protection reservoirs and electrical fire equipment. Data are transmitted through IoT, converging in the cloud and analyzed via AI.


Haier House – Yunxi Estate

As a high-end cultural community, Yunxi Estate is located at the intersection of Qingdao's main avenues Haier Road and Heilongjiang Road, adjacent to the Zhangcunhe Ecological Wetland and multiple bus routes. To enhance the informationization and digitization of smart fire protection, Yunxi Estate deploys the Hainayun smart fire protection IoT management system to oversee the community fire protection mainframe, electrical circuits, fire sprinkler system and fire protection personnel. The system features 100% auto-inspection of fire equipment, 100% identification of equipment faults, reduced management costs by 30%-50%, and improved management level, contributing to a harmonious and safe community.