Smart Elevator

Combine IoT technology and big-data analysis with smart analysis, AI-based learning, data modeling to build a new strategic system framework for smart elevators. This system offers real-time monitoring of elevators, identifies and averts security risks in advance, sound malfunction alarms and ensures elevator safety.

Customer Value

Hainayun Smart Elevator Solutions focus on elevator safety, emergency response, surveillance and operation management by leveraging new technology products and AI-based analysis.

Elevator Safety

Advance alerts for 30% of faults, increase elevator efficiency by 20%

Emergency Response

Homeowner satisfaction up by 10%, active maintenance and fast response, improved management quality

Cost-saving & efficiency-improving

Real-time monitoring to save 30% of patrol costs, real-time maintenance to improve response efficiency by 50%, flood monitoring to reduce maintenance costs by 20%

Smart Scenario

Smart Elevator
Ensure safety with intelligence
Customer-oriented solutions with iteration capability
Auto-push of Malfunction

IoT 24-hour monitoring, instant alert to manufacturer and property management for quick maintenance

Auto-Alert of Trapped Persons

Automatically identify trapped persons in elevators, support online rescue and ensure passenger safety

Preventative Maintenance

AI-based data analysis to schedule elevator maintenance and eliminate potential risks in advance

Elevator Controlled Access

Use elevator via Face recognition, fingerprints, QR code, Bluetooth or password



Qingdao Haier Cloud Park

As the representative scenario of Hainayun Smart Park solutions, Qingdao Haier Cloud Park deploys a comprehensive elevator safety management system – the Hainayun Smart Cloud Elevator Platform that includes smart terminal products, project elevator management system, big data platform, and cloud data platform.

Elevator Malfunction
Patrol Costs
Fault Handling Efficiency
Smart Security
24/7 all-area security protection
Smart Elevator
Ensure safety with intelligence
Smart Fire Protection
Advance prevention, ensure fire safety
Smart Parking Garage
A smart, comfortable, green and safe underground space
Smart Environmental Purification
The leader in smart production environment purification
Smart Datacenter
Achieve the internet of everything, and pave the way for a more secure, stable, efficient and energy-saving IoT platform
Smart Service
Build interactive platforms for IoT smart communities/parks
Smart Lighting
Technology first, Achieve the internet of everything
Smart Travel
One-stop smart travel solutions

Haier House – Yunxi Estate

The Hainanyun IoT+IOC platform integrates malfunction push, alert of trapped persons and flood alarm to build smart elevators for Haier House Yunxi Estate. With the support of the smart elevator IoT internet gateway, AI cameras and flood sensors, passengers are provided with a safe and smart experience.